Nov 16, 2011

I Should Be Asleep

It is one o'clock in the morning. I am sitting here trying to be creative, but all I have done is look at pictures hoping they will speak to me. No, I am not crazy. I search through photographs for inspiration to write. Tonight or should I say this morning I am not having any luck. I think my muse is tired and sought her pillow before I sat down at my computer.

I hate moments like this. I write a few words and then stare at the cursor blinking hoping more will come. I recently discovered a quote by Paul Valery, "A poem is never finished, only abandoned." I am not sure I would agree that is the case on every one of my poems. Many times I feel when a poem speaks it is finished. My problem tonight is I haven't heard one say it is time to begin.

In one of my attempts I was working on a prompt to write a haiku using the word urn..Should I have it stuffed with a loved one's ashes or fill it with flowers? That urn sits in my brain silent. Perhaps I should take that as a sign to pour ashes into it, but death has visited too often this year and I don't know if I have another funeral poem in me. For now I have an empty urn clanking around in my thoughts. 

I even attempted writing Monostich poetry. That should be simple. It is a poem of only one line. Not as easy as "one" line would indicate. It is supposed to have 6-12 syllables., To clarify the syllable count it is to be an even number of syllables...6,8,10,12. The ones I wrote were all odd numbered. Maybe I spoke to soon,Valery might be right about abandoning a poem.

I really should be asleep. Snoring would be more productive than I have been tonight. Thoughts of the dreaded writer's block stalking me keep popping into my head. I sit here writing about not being able to write.   
Enough! I need to stop my rambling and get to bed. So I must say a simple, "Goodnight."


  1. Well, your one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock block wasn't a total waste of time. Your monostich introduction was new for me. I don't know if this first attempt of mine qualifies as one but I like it:

    An odd urn sits silent at this turn of an hour.

    Thanks for the late night, early morning entertainment Susie. :)

  2. A skilful writer can write about nothing, but should they? Probably not, but this was about the terror of the blank page and we all share that dread.

  3. Susie, your third paragraph is a poem, just
    edit a bit.