Nov 28, 2011

Designed Addiction

I have often called myself a food addict. If there was a drug house for donuts, you would find me sitting in the corner with a white, powdery substance on my lips. I have fought being overweight from around the age of eight. I have thought it all completely my fault until recently. There are scientists in labs whose soul purpose is to get you/keep you addicted to processed foods.

We all know the story of Dr. Frankenstein who created his monster in a lab. Few know this isn't a fable. No, it isn't an ugly pseudo human I am referring to, but pseudo food. Flavors created in a lab to enhance taste and replace the desire to eat "real" food. There is a multi-billion dollar industry of chemical drug dealers who will never face arrest or jail their for pushing their drugs. The food industry is the enabler for your addiction.

There is no Betty Ford clinic where I can go to rehab from my food addiction. I will have to sit in my own home fighting withdrawal from the processed mess of my addiction. Just like any junkie it won't be easy. I will have setbacks, but I must stay focused on getting clean. My twelve step program must start with the first step of cleaning out my pantry.

The following is a video of a 60 Minutes Piece titled Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings that explains far better than I can the science behind food addiction.

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