Nov 5, 2011

Dear Susie

Dear Susie,

I hear you. Thirteen is tough. That supposedly magic step from child to teenager is not the fairy tale you expected. You are still the overweight girl who gets called names. Add the hormone changes you are going through and it feels like you have stepped into adolescent hell. The girls in your class have just started wearing training bras. Training for what? Sorry, I just never understood that term. Any way they are in their beginner lingerie and you have had to go to the women's department because of your "endowments." There are sneers and unkind words thrown at you which has you wearing over sized clothing in an attempt to hide your development. Stop being so upset. I am sitting in the future where women are purchasing implants to increase their bust size to what nature has already given you.

P.E, I know you hate it. Those crazy light blue, short jumpsuits are hideous. There is just no discreet way to undress and put on that thing. (I know you swore you would never wear another jumpsuit, but in 1977 you actually made and wore them) Not only are you expected to excel in every sport the teacher placed you in you have to learn first aide. It isn't just the treatment of cuts and bruises. The Cold War has put Americans in fear of a nuclear attack. The school has a fallout shelter in the basement and it has pushed academia into having its students prepared.There are so many videos to watch. How does a thirteen year old comprehend the possibility of delivering a baby? But there you sit watching actual deliveries and being taught what to do in the event you must deliver one. I can hear the video,"Watch the umbilical cord until it stops pulsing and then you can cut it".Oh my! Well, the Cold War came and went and never once were you required to deliver a baby.

The Beatles are in their meteor rise to the top of the music charts. You are such a fan. You have Beatles bubblegum trading cards, magazines, and know the lyrics to every song. A lot of your classmates haven't caught on to what you sense the Beatles are and will become. They make fun of you pulling your purse from your arms to have everything spill across the floor. Just so you know the Beatles changed the music world. Your vision was spot on. Way to go!!

Susie, take a deep breath. Thirteen will pass in a blink. There are some painful moments, but you will survive  it all. Your sense of humor will go from defense to joy. The future holds so much for you. You will be married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful daughters. Now with one big whoosh let go of all you fear. Tomorrow is going to be bright!

The woman you have become

Kellie's prompt on Magic in the Backyard is Hindsight is 20/20


  1. Susie, this one really touched me as I was that same girl throughout school. The names because of my weight still haunt me sometimes. Kids can be so cruel. Thanks for getting so personal, that means alot that you would reach back into those not so sweet days of youth and share it with me.
    BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. How wonderfully you put your emotions into words, no matter how long ago. Very poignant piece. ly sister~friend and your beautiful soul.

  3. Hey Susie, that's a different post expressing your views towards the once you..;)

    Couldn't get it on one shot, when i thought for sometime, i'm really impressed with the way its written..;)

    Keep up the good work..

  4. Susie, this is wonderful. I was one of those well-endowed thirteen year olds as well. lol at the comment about women getting implants later on. I could identify with the sense of humor turning from defense to joy as well. This is a lovely letter - my favorite part is how you signed it from "the woman you have become."