Nov 14, 2011


One of my favorite things to photograph is architecture. There is such beauty in buildings. They stand there with history etched across them. It could be a brand new building or one that is aged. The history could just be a few weeks or hundreds of years. Stories fill the brick, mortar, wood, glass, and metal of each one.

I rarely plan to go to a particular building to take photographs. I enjoy just having my camera in my hand and look around to see what catches my eye. My husband Charlie doesn't quite understand why I take so many of the same thing, but it is all about the one "shot" that makes it all worth the effort. Thankfully he is patient with me. There is the occasional sigh and eye rolling, but he waits while I snap away. The following pictures were taken in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

City Hall in Vicksburg Mississippi

The Old Courthouse Museum
Vicksburg, Mississippi


  1. awesome architecture. thanks for visiting my blogs.

  2. OK, So I LOVE architecture. And I think I love this blog too :)