Oct 28, 2011

Wine and Love V32


This has been a difficult week. A young man I have known since he was a child was killed in a horrific truck accident. It is just another exclamation to the truth "Life is too short." My prayers and thoughts go out to his wife who is expecting, their young daughter and his family.

My wine list:
* My heart is so heavy for my youngest daughter. She has felt so homesick this week. I just wish I could reach out and hug her, but she lives too far away.
* My oldest daughter had a hell of a week at work. I don't care how old your children are they are still your babies. You just want to take away their pain.
* My husband Charlie went for his CT scan on his ribs. He is in so much pain. I hope the CT shows what is going on with his ribs.

The Love that came:
*My oldest daughter spent Saturday night with us. It was nice to go out to eat, chat, and watch a girl movie with her on Sunday.
*Charlie got good news at one of his urologist Monday...all is well!
*The Halloween candy is bought. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am always last minute on it. It is good to not have to push through all those store candy aisles.
*Yeah it rained Thursday night!! With the drought we have suffered this year any rain is a celebration. And it is actually chilly. I got to put on my sweats and snuggle in my chair to read a book.
*I have a wonderful encouraging friend named Len who took time to listen to me this week. It was such a blessing.

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