Oct 21, 2011

Wine and Love v31


This was a week of Whines that had me reaching for some wine. I am glad it is over. Perhaps next week will be better and I will stop my whining...hmmm...we shall see.

* Monday was a trip to the cardiologist for a test on my legs...an easy test, but part of it had me standing on a stair step in just a t-shirt and my underwear while a young man ran an instrument over my legs. 

* Wednesday my husband had to go to an Orthopedic Doctor. I shall give the Reader's Digest version of what sent him there. On May 23 of this year he went to a chiropractor. While giving an adjustment the chiropractor tore three muscles and broke a rib. It has been very painful. Now the Orthopedic doctor fears there is still a break that hasn't healed in a rib. He has ordered a CT Scan to take a look. The worst case scenario is he will have to remove the damaged rib. 

* Thursday was a trip again to a cardiologist. Everything was fine except for the addition of another medicine. I hate taking pills except for my vitamins. Hopefully this one will not have any side effects.

* Thursday my youngest daughter was home from work because she was ill. She lives in another state and I couldn't pop over and give her a hug, cook her dinner, or make her laugh. I hate being so far from her.

* Friday was a return to the doctor who ordered the tests on my legs. The results indicated I needed an outpatient surgery done. That is scheduled for November

Love that stopped by this week:

* Tuesday I got my hair cut. I so needed it and I go to a beautiful spa to have it done.

* I set aside a place to write love notes. It is tucked in the corner of a guest bedroom. My father's desk that he crafted is there and it just seemed to be the ideal place to write words of love to share. I love writing my random notes of love to leave wherever I feel drawn. I actually left one at my cardiologist's office. The World Needs More Love Letters is the inspiration that has me writing love letters. I have included the link to the sight. Get involved...Share some love.

More Love Letters

* My youngest daughter is so creative with her words and spontaneous humor. When my husband and I skyped with her this week she cracked us up with her Zippy monkey that kept trying to get face time on the camera. I know you would have to see it to get it, but it was so funny. She is so talented and beautiful.

Carrie...she can go from this
to this in a blink of an eye

* My oldest daughter posted a song on her blog. She has such a marvelous voice. She is also so beautiful and talented. I am including it here. It is a song by Nina Simone titled Be My Husband.


Check out Walking With Nora....she is the host of Wine and Love.


  1. She does have a great voice! Just visiting from Best Posts of the Week.

  2. Well I hope your husband is suing the chiropractor!

    Your daughters seem to have inherited your great looks and talents. :)

    I'm on my way now to checkout more love letters. Have an unwhined week Suz.

  3. "EEEEK" about the torn muscles and broken rib! Is the chiropractor's insurance covering all the BILLS?!?!?!

    (Stopping over from BPOTW!)

  4. Susie,
    I can not believe that a chiropractor did that kind of damage! How awful.
    And what kind of test on your legs was a cardiologist doing? I'm not familiar.
    I hope the surgery isn't serious.

  5. We all need a little wine.whine sometimes.

  6. Life is a test of love, letters and wine.
    We need to say OK,as God says 'All is Mine"
    May Allah Bless You and your family with the best health and happiness.amen.Thank You for visiting and the lovely comment

  7. Maybe we should be careful how we use chiropractors. They always hurt me because I resist, they say. So I now get far better results by spending my chiropractor money on a good Shiraz.