Oct 28, 2011

One of My Most Memorable Summers

I have been taking a mental walk through the summers of my life trying to figure out which one was the most memorable. One of them definitely had to be the summer after I got my driver's license. All sorts of things come back in delightful flashes. Of course one of the things that stands out the most is the car I drove.

It was a 1957 Chrysler 300, a big blue tank. The car had a 392-cu.in. Hemi V-8 automatic in it. It didn't have a gear shift. There were a series of push buttons on the left side of the dash that were used to put it in gear. I loved that car and I must admit I drove it too fast. I would roll the windows down, let my hair fly in the wind, and do my best to outrun any boy who challenged me. 

I was responsible for the most part on following my parents rules on where I could go, but there were times I broke them. One time in particular I recall going to a dance in the city. I lived in  a rural farm area and anything with a population over 2,000 was the city to me. I had a friend named Jean with me and we decided to throw caution to the wind and take the trip. We had fun, met new boys, and like Cinderella we made sure we got back home by midnight. The only flaw in the plan was my little sister who told on me. 

That summer was full of long summer drives, dances and crushes. I spent hours with my best friend Joanne talking about boys, learning new dance moves, and writing plays. It was a season mixed with innocence and coming of age. Even now I can see gravel roads, my windows rolled down, and the dust of my freedom.

1957 Chrysler 300

Push Button Transmission



  1. o how fun! it looks like the batmobile!! i have a 1961 ford galaxie...loved that car...

  2. Susie I love this. Reminded me of the days when I used to sneak out in my grandma's car lol! Man I miss those days. Time goes by so fast. :(
    Thanks for sharing this with me! Thanks for thr memories!

  3. "mixed with innocence and coming of age" Is part of every teenagers journey. Trying to find out who they are in this world. Thanks for sharing

  4. I adore the phrase: mental walk.......

    Have a lovely and creative day!