Oct 3, 2011

Dandelion Dreams

Do you remember the days you used to sit in green grass making dandelion chains? I do. When I was a child I had no clue dandelions were weeds. I thought them to be beautiful flowers sprinkled through the grass. I would pick them to make a bouquet for my mother. She always accepted them with grace and placed them in a mason jar vase.

Dandelion's were an audience to my dreams. I would sit weaving them into chains and imagine I was a princess. I looked over my kingdom of weeds and saw jewels, princes, and ball gowns. For a few magic moments I could be whatever I wished.

As I grew into a teenager my days in the dandelions turned to love. In the spring I would seek the dandelions to ask them to bring a boy to me. I had been an overweight child and the mirror lied  and told me I was too ugly for a boy to like me. My precious weeds captured my tears and silently listened.

I cannot be certain, but I would like to believe the weeds held magic. Out of my dreams in the yellow blossoms love did find me. I was seventeen and a young man named Charlie came into my life. He was funny, handsome and protective. He didn't arrive on a white horse, but he was my prince. Two years later we became husband and wife. Today we have been married for forty one years.

I know dandelions are weeds, but for me I will always see beauty. Whenever I see a field full of them, I want to gather them and make chains. Life can be too real at times. I think all of us could use a moment to let go of our stress and dream dandelion dreams.

Golden Crown

She looked
at the
golden flower
and saw
not a weed
but a crown.

She weaved
to place
upon her head.
A princess
who ruled
the land
of imagination.

©Susie Clevenger 2011
Photograph: Stephanie Beeley


  1. wow susie :) such a beautiful peep into your life (so i hope.... the last time i got it all wrong :p) ... Glory be to God!!! it's nice to hear about couples who have been together for so long....

    i, too, find myself thinking that maybe love will never find me again...

    i so hope i am wrong...
    i wish i too found my dandelion charm.....

  2. So wonderful to make a "weed" so precious. I found this heartwarming, charming, delightful, celebratory. The yellow color is superlicious

  3. Such a sweet post and poem. Yes we should all take time to make dandelion dreams. It was daisy chains where we came from.

  4. This is nice writing, Susie. I had a love for the dandilion also. I would bring a bouquet to my mother quite often in the spring.
    We would make wishes while we blew the seed floaters off and away. Mine must not have been serious wishes as I don't remember even one specific wish.
    I am happy that your wish turned out so wonderfully. You are ahead of us at 41, we are on 38. Just hang in there!
    Thank you for peeking in on my micro-fiction story. My blogging is at a low right now but I did post again tonight. Journal type stuff.

  5. A lovely story worthy of a picture book fairy tale, Susie, and your poem is the sun in the
    sky of the entire post.

  6. A beautiful post....I love dandelions too. :-)

  7. Congratulations on the 41 years! Your story was so light hearted and filled with such sweetness. A pleasure to read.