Sep 20, 2011

This Relationship Needs to End

Really, why do I have to continue with this relationship!?!  You ply me with tender touches as if that is enough to end the pain plaguing me. I sit down thinking you will be there and find only pieces of you strewn across the room.

I am looking forward to a long term separation. Every time you come into my life there are tears. I sit blowing my nose grieving I am in this position again. I wrack my brain trying to find when and where I allowed myself to be so vulnerable.

I am tired from the long nights, coughs, and chills that signify the need for your presence! I want it over now! This relationship needs to end!!

My humorous way of looking at a dreaded cold. :)


  1. Ha, you caught me on this! After having read the piece I saw your sentence under the pic! Good job, very funny. :)

  2. Huff.. some relief after reading the last line under the pic..

    :) nice Susie.. hope u get it :)