Sep 16, 2011

My Freedom

This is my freedom, a concrete sun shining down on me through skyscraper eyelids. I have traveled the world of open spaces where nothing blocks the view of the sky, but I felt imprisoned. I couldn't hear my dreams for the twinkling of the stars.

My spirit dances to the sounds of the city streets. The vibration of the subway traveling through its railed arteries is my heartbeat. Inspiration never sleeps here. I hear it in voices walking the sidewalks, car horns demanding a path to destinations or music escaping the walls of theaters.

Neon dreams flash on the sides of buildings. I envision the day my image will light up Times Square. I can't go home to improbable when the impossible waits in the smog to open opportunity's door. Around the corner I may meet my destiny.

Some say I am too naive, failure waits to find me. I disagree. I know I will make mistakes, but what is a dream if you don't put on your shoes and walk your way through it? I am here New York. Thank you for your welcome!

 ©Susie Clevenger 2011
Free Write Friday: Photograph



  1. got this is great. i was just saying how jealous of a friend i was becuz she was visiting new york soon. i knew it was new york from the start. it was all new york.

  2. Good take on the prompt and an excellent write, Susie. Very well done!