Sep 28, 2011

Stepped into a Painting

There was one time I experienced beauty so profound it felt as if I had stepped out of the natural world into a painting. It was spring of 2001 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I had gone to see the azaleas in bloom at Woodward Park. It was so breathtaking. I am not sure I can describe it. That is why I decided to let the pictures speak for me.


There were artists everywhere. Each one seemed to have hope they could capture the magnificence of the blossoms with paint and brush stroke. Even the water could not help but try to capture the magic for a moment in reflection.
This bridge looked over the stream below. This magical crossing could lead right into a fairy tale. Can't you see the princess standing at the railing waiting for her prince? If you look closely, you can see a fairy stepping onto a petal raft to carry her across the water.
This bride in white lace and dreams stood waiting for a photographer to capture that perfect moment to place in her wedding album. Her cathedral was decorated in pink and white. The trees hung leafed chandeliers with flowered accents above her.
Pink blossoms exploded from delicate limbs. Each one appeared to be enamored with the sun and raised their petal faces seeking a kiss.
Yellow blooms hung with their morning drink resting on their petals. Sunlight was caught in each blossom and heaven lent them its perfume.


I couldn't help being overly romantic when writing this. Each photograph spoke its own beauty. I did feel like I had indeed stepped into a painting that day. Perhaps God had painted me with his divine brush to walk in the glory of his garden. 


  1. yes susie :)
    god has indeed painted you and all of us with his divine brush to walk in the glory of his garden :)

    you have put this so beautifully... :)

    and which canvas has ever been better than water??? surely, the way water captures images has no comparison.... probably coz there the artist is itself an art...

  2. wow I am obsess with flowers and this post is a treat for me.

    Lovely post.

    Follow each other .