Sep 14, 2011

Not So Girly

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time following my dad around. He was a mechanic and I often sat playing with my cars, trucks, and tractors at his feet. The smell of grease was like cologne to me. It was so much a part of my dad.

When I got old enough to actually be of any help, I spent many hours working with my dad on whatever project inside or out that needed a helping hand. Some of the jobs I helped with were  mixing concrete for the supports on our back porch, tearing down old fences, and removing the flue inside the house to prepare for our wall furnace. I was a tomboy and as my mom so fondly said to me, "I was the son he never had."

Even today I like things that are considered more male oriented. I watch American Chopper with my husband Charlie. I love the creativity of the concepts for their client builds. This week was an episode that had Paul Teutul Jr. building a bike for the game company Epic Games. It was for their game Gears of War, a futuristic military science fiction game.

The beginning concept was to build a two wheeled motorcycle, but as they started working on ideas they decided to build a trike. It has 14 inch wheels front and back, reverse, and a push/pull cable system for steering. The scenario for the game has humans fighting huge locusts, so therefore elements on the bike included crash bars, and dual gattling guns. It  turned out to be an amazing work of functional art. With Paul Jr.'s vision his creation became something that could easily be a vehicle in the game

As I earlier stated I am still a tomboy to some extent and the episode is one of my favorites. I actually have a motorcycle background. When I was 21 I did pit crew for motocross/enduro in the Kansas City, MO area. I was the only girl at the time involved in it. There was just something about the dirt, the grease, and the noise that had me feeling right at home. 

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