Sep 23, 2011

Michael Sprouse Art

One of my favorite contemporary artists is Michael Sprouse. His works of contemporary realism are haunting images that are poetry in paint. Each one I have viewed speaks a poem to me. They remind me of the 1930's when depression ravaged our country and prohibition gave rise to big time criminal and small back woods stills. There is not only that historical feel to them, but they have the ability of linking the past to the present.

Each portrait has the distinct style of Micheal Sprouse, but each person seems to be on the verge of sharing some deep part of themselves with you. Seductive eyes can draw you in or an athletic face will have you wondering what sport the subject is engaged in.

Michael's earlier work was abstract art, but in 1999 he began to produce the contemporary portraits modeled after vintage photography. His work has garnered attention from critic to collector. He now also works with digital media.

I am such a fan of his work and thought it would be nice to introduce him to other art lovers who may not have heard of him. The following link will provide a virtual art gallery to view and discover why I have fallen in love with his art.