Sep 20, 2011

J is for Joy

I love photography. I always have one of my cameras close by in case there is something that catches my eye to photograph. One of my favorite things to shoot is wildlife. I seem to have a connection with everything from animal to insect. I have taken some incredible shots where it appeared my subject stopped and posed for me. This hobby brings me much joy. My spirit celebrates each time I have the opportunity to commune with nature and it responds. I have chosen some of my favorite shots to share.
This frog was in my front garden. He reminded me of circus entertainer performing a balancing act.
This was the same frog. It appeared to be having a zen moment. It sat patiently waiting for me to take its picture.
This is a photograph I took in my backyard. The dragonfly seemed frozen. He remained quietly observing as I snapped picture after picture of him.
I have a small protected woods behind my home that attracts all sorts of wildlife. This buck, which I fondly named Pretty Boy, has made regular visits since he was a fawn. One day I put on my zoom lens and he stood still and watched me. He has always been one of my favorite visitors. This was taken in 2007 and he still returns for visits. He has lost his left eye to what I think was a rutting altercation with another buck, but to me he is still beautiful. I have not tried to make a pet out of him. We are just fellow companions sharing a small part of the planet together.
Squirrels can be very annoying, but they can also be entertaining. I caught this one doing its balancing act on the back fence. It had been robbing the bird feeders of food.
A green frog took up residence in a bird house my father built for me. It seemed an odd choice of residence, but it seemed happy with it. The morning I took this it appeared to be saying welcome to my home. It was there most of the summer either hanging out the opening or resting on top of the birdhouse.
I love bluebirds. There are a few that would stop by for a little while, but none ever lingered for long. I was lucky enough to catch this one resting and taking in the view in my backyard.
This was my father's cat. I include him with wildlife because he wasn't domesticated. The closest thing he ever got to being a pet was coming to feed at a bowl my dad set outside for him. There seemed always to be a scruffy majestic quality about him.

These are a few of my myriad collection of photographs. Looking through picture files tonight brought back so much joy. One of my biggest inspirations when writing is to search through photographs. I will stop and look at a picture and listen for the words it wishes me to speak.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2011
Photographs: Susie Clevenger
ABC Wednesday Prompt: The letter J



  1. True, a thing of beauty is indeed a Joy forever

    Pheno, ABCW Team

  2. What joy indeed! Very beautiful pics you have taken. Is the frog in the birdhouse the zen master? Thanks for sharing.

  3. this is truly a JOYOUS set of nature photos!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Susie, your photos oooze with JOY! What a nice visit to your blog.

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Beautiful photography and the jaunts of wildlife in and around your house was very interesting and great fun too!!!!

    My J Post - Just Because...

  6. these are all amazing photos - i love them all

  7. Lovely animal shots. I'm normally not fond of amphibians, but that little frog is a cutie!

  8. wow!!! beautiful pics...
    and the cat??? god!!! he looks like a lion :)

  9. Wonderful and amazing :)

    keep up the good work..