Sep 17, 2011

I will learn to let go

I have carried the pain too long. This song speaks for me.


  1. when a song speaks to you, it is very comforting

  2. Beautiful, practical, potentially sanity/life-saving philosophy. Thanks.

  3. I hadn't heard this song before. Thank you for sharing because strangely the words fit with how I'm feeling this morning, probably for different reasons to yours but feelings that I too need to let go of or change how I respond.

    I like your comment on my post, I'm also doing some editing on my life story.


  4. Letting go is tough but necessary sometimes...

  5. One must learn to let it go, that makes life more productive..

    well said..;)

  6. visiting from 6=word Saturday; I hadn't heard this before; it is something hard to learn to let go but sometimes it is the best thing indeed.

    I hope your Sunday is a good one


  7. Hello Susie,

    I am Grace your new follower from The six Words Saturday and I'm glad I find your blog even if it's a little late, but I really enjoy this hop with an interesting subject to post about. ice. Well I remember a crush I had once for a Leann song. But I didn't knew this one and it's a subject that talk to me for sure. Thanks for the discover.

    Hope to see you around my blog too. Nice sunday and take good care.


  8. I am glad this music found its way to you.

  9. Life is a journey...forever shifting, altering...all we can do is try our best to trust in the stream and go with it...even when that means letting go.