Sep 13, 2011

I is for ideas

I seem to have a head full of ideas. They come in all sizes and tend to keep me up at night. I haven't an off switch to my thinking it seems. With the unfortunate complication of being a tiny bit hyper,well perhaps tiny is too mild a term, I want to act upon each idea until the next one pops into my head. I then leave the first to go to the second to go to the third to go to the.... You can see the pattern.

Frankly I am amazed I can sit down to write something and complete it. Wait, I have a whole folder of uncompleted writings. I refer to them as poetry litter. You know all those starts and stops that fill up your documents folder on your computer. Ideas will flow and then there is a roadblock. I stop with the grand intent that I will eventually get back to it, but another complication arises when I can't find anything because I forgot the title of my last effort. Frustrated, I attempt being  organized by sweeping the unfinished poetry into a file  titled "Poetry under construction." (Probably you have made the correct assumption that it is a large file.)

Yes, my head is full of ideas. Some should get proper consideration, others should just be erased. I seem to not have much control over it. Their are those who have suggested I get therapy, but I refuse. I don't like the "idea" of someone attempting to guide me into becoming normal. 



  1. Susie, that's why I have a blog - to dampen the noise in my brain!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. love the term, poetry litter! I have a lot of that, too!
    ABC Team

  3. Life is made up of bits and pieces - well, mine is anyway;-)

  4. Your Ideas which see the light of day on your blog are superb!! Keep them coming and you are fine as you are!! Cheers!!

  5. Why on earth would you want someone to regulate your ideating?! :-) Love your I-day idea.