Aug 31, 2011

Whine and Cookies

I have a Facebook friend, Ashley, with whom I share whining sessions. I really like to refer to them as creative complaining. One of us will start whining and the other will think of a comedic return to toss back.  Both of us are poets so some of our whines come from that genre. For example: I complain I don't think I am very good when I read the work of others... wait I shall refrain on his response. You know the "excuse my french" sort. He did manage to talk me off of poetry's ledge before I fell into self pity's lake. 

Ashley likes to refer to me as "aged fine whine."  You know a full bodied, well preserved complaint that is served with a biting tongue. Although his rejoinder to this type of complaint will have me giggling and the complaint becomes silly. 

Ashley and I meet in the Facebook lounge for whining and conversation. I think I shall suggest we serve cookies with our dessert whines. I could then have him experience my hyper gripes. I am a tad adhd . Sugar would give me excessive energy to make our sessions more entertaining or longer. Hmmm...I am thinking he would then be happy he is in world far away from mine.

Kidding aside I am happy to have a friend who helps with the gift of laughter. Ashley has me seeing my whines with a comedic eye. It diffuses my sour attitude with a smile. Cheers Ashley! Looking forward to more meetings where we serve whine and cookies!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Susie, I'm glad we have a lot of fun chatting, and this is really nice of you... you brought the whine into good wine lol

    You are the better part of my day, everyday :) shall we open a bottle of whine now?

    Ashley xxx