Aug 23, 2011

My Photography

I love taking my camera out to capture whatever catches my eye. I never plan what I am going to take. I just know there will be something I need to shoot. I thought I would share a few examples and perhaps in the process I may even see something in the photograph I missed. They always have a story to tell.


I took this photograph at the apartment where my father was living before he passed away. It was in May and everything was blooming. I can't even tell you what kind of flower it is. I was just enthralled by its beauty. Tiny ruffles gathered on a stem.

I took this one in Beaumont, TX. It was outside a theater turned bar called The Gig. The beauty of the neon against the darkness seemed to be the iconic symbol for entertainment. Bright lights gathering entertainer and those who wished to be entertained.

This picture was taken at the Gibson guitar factory in Memphis, TN. There was a banquet facility upstairs and the first floor and the stairway leading up to the banquet hall were decorated in silver streamers and blue balloons. I felt the anticipation for the event just standing there and viewing my surroundings. As I took the picture I was thinking of all the history in the streets outside the building. Music fills every part of the city. Even though I wasn't attending the function I felt I for just a few moments I was part of the celebration.

Wandering the streets of Fredericksburg TX, I came across a music store. I can not play a thing musically except my ipod, but I am a lover of music so I went inside. The number of guitars in the store fascinated me. I saw the rows of acoustic guitars and took this shot. It is actually one of my favorite pictures. 

Charlie and I love to go for drives. We have no certain destination. We just hop in the car and head whichever direction wins the lottery for the day. This picture was taken at the Trinity River Waterbird Rookery. It is a section of swamp set aside as a sanctuary for waterbirds. There were cypress trees growing throughout the rookery. They reminded me of ancient ladies in long dresses exuding their southern charm.

I will roam around my house with my camera to catch the familiar decor in my rooms at whatever angle that intrigues me. This picture is of a chandelier hanging in one of my guest bedrooms. It is lit by votive candles. The patina of the metal and grace of the crystals give an antique feel although the piece is modern.

One sunset evening I was out in my backyard with my camera and I looked up at the hummingbird feeder and  saw the sun through it. It was almost as though the sunbeams had been captured and placed inside the bottle.

I took this one at the Houston Zoo. I liked looking down the length of the railing. I guess you could say it was taken from the perspective of someone's hand upon the railing as they walked through the exhibit.

I love taking pictures of doors. There seems to be so much character in a doorway. I wonder who has entered and exited, what stories lie behind the doorway. This picture was taken at Maas Nursery in Seabrook TX. It reminded me of a door to an old English cottage.

This was taken in my backyard. I saw a wasp flying around a potted mum and snapped this shot. This photograph was actually on the morning weather program on KPRC in Houston. Charlie submitted it to Anthony Yanez, the morning weatherman, and he picked it to be displayed.

I have thousands of pictures and could spend days writing about them. Searching through my pictures to post these few brought back so many memories. Pictures tell a story. They are a visual journal. I can view them and recall where each was taken, but more than that the poet in me hears their verses. 

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