Aug 26, 2011

I am in Hell

Hey Guys, 

Well I have been told to go to Hell  so I took the trip. It is a lovely place, blue skies, blue water. There is that rough terrain to traverse when you wish to get closer to the shore, but what is a walk through Hell without at least some minor abrasions. 
I did some souvenir shopping. Hades has quite a mark up on its merchandise. It seems the Devil has a deal with China to stock his shops. Buy Cheap..Sell high...
I must run. My tour bus is about to leave. Hell is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here.

See you soon,

P. S. Who would have thought Hell was in Grand Cayman....

Written from Prompt: Postcards home
Free Write Friday..Magic in the Backyard



  1. Lol! This is awesome! Thanks for participating and for the big smile you gave me tonight! What a gear entry Susie

  2. Priceless! Great writing and a cute story about a hot topic! Thanks for the card!

  3. Ahhh Hell , been there done that but on the other side of the island lol
    Oh my friend it amazes me everyday the way you turn a phrase of commonality, into such wonderful prose. You enter our hearts, minds, souls and emotions with each stroke of your pen. Thank you!