Aug 31, 2011


G is for Gabaldon

One of my favorite authors is Diana Gabaldon. She wrote the Outlander series of books. The following is a synopsis of  when the first book Outlander was written and what it is about.

The first published novel by Dr. Gabaldon introduces Claire Beauchamp Randall, an English ex-combat army nurse, who travels to the Scottish Highlands on a second Honeymoon with her husband Frank after World War II. While exploring a circle of standing stones, Claire touches a cleft stone in the center of the circle and is transported through time to 1743. Once there she is immediately taken by a British Army Officer and then abducted by a band of runaway Scots. They are not sure if she is a spy or damsel in distress. They decide for their safety they must keep her with them. She is taken deeper into the Highlands and away from the stone. For her protection she later decided to marry a young highlander James Fraser. She is caught up in 18th century life and her inner struggle to remain with James ,whom she has fallen in love with, or find her way back to the stone where she can return to 1946 and her husband Frank. Claire and Jamie's lives, as they are woven through time, are the foundation for the Outlander series.

I have read all five of the Outlander series and loved each one. The premise of time travel fascinated me from the beginning. As I finished each book, I was excited to begin the next one. I like romance, but there is so much more in these novels. There is history that takes you from England to the United States. I highly recommend them. Obtain a copy of Outlander or check it out from the library and get immersed in the story of Claire and Jamie.

Here is the entire series of books.

I must edit my piece on Gabaldon's series Outlander. I discovered another book in the series An Echo in the Bone. I haven't read this one so I am looking forward to reading it and adding it to my collection.

Susie Clevenger

ABC Wednesday Prompt G is for



  1. The fiery cross looks a bit Methodist.
    So what IS a "laundry goddess"?

  2. The Fiery Cross has Claire and Jamie in North Carolina against the backdrop of the War of Regulations which is the precursor to the American Civil War.

    I started calling myself Laundry Goddess because of a drawing my oldest daughter did in grade school. She brought a drawing home from school of me doing laundry. She said her teacher had instructed the class to draw a picture of their mother's jobs. I stood there imaging drawings of mommy the doctor, mommy the lawyer, mommy the teacher and amongst them her drawing, my mommy does laundry. So with my sense of humor I began calling myself "Laundry Goddess."