Aug 1, 2011

A Collector of Notebooks

Since I began writing poetry in earnest the end of 2009 I have become a collector of notebooks. I have beautiful journals to write in, but I have placed spiral notebooks all over the house and in my vehicles. Call it silly but I just can't scribble in a lovely journal. There is something about defacing it with my illegible writing.

Inspiration can hit me at any time. I have decided to be prepared. I have written some of my favorite poems on wrinkled, spiraled paper. Plus the ambiance of coffee stains makes me feel more like that eccentric creator.

School supplies are out now and I find myself perusing the aisles of pens and notebooks. I always have that feeling when the new school year is on the horizon I should be learning something. I mass supplies like it is disaster preparedness. I must prepare to learn. In my case it seems I am learning more and more by observing.

Yes, I am a collector of notebooks. I dream that one day those poems birthed on  notebook lines will become a book. Poetry has become my joy and passion. There are times I doubt my talent, but I don't stop dreaming. I just pick up my pen and write on.

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  1. Unlike you my dear friend...I have run out of describe how wonderful you and your writing are!