Aug 6, 2011

August's Burn

It is a hot Texas Saturday. Usually August is the top of the thermometer for heat, but we have been living in the furnace for days already. As we are in the peak for hurricane season I dread what may be lurking off the coast of Africa.

This year also has been one for life lived in the furnace. Not only has death made too numerous visits, but my daughters are facing their own fires. For whatever reason the stars aligned for both of them to be in a time of endings. They both face divorce. I wish to be comfort and support, but often words fail me. I have so much I would like to say, but I keep silent. I have my own anger at what has been done by their husbands. I can't seem to be as forgiving as my daughters. They are my children and my mother's instincts to protect has me wanting to bare my claws.

Ironic that born in the August heat of 1970 was my marriage to my husband Charlie. This is the forty first year of our marriage on August 28th. We have weathered so many storms. Illness, financial, loss has sent its storm clouds over the years, but we have held on. I can't compare our situation to another's. We have had our own journey. Just as there are reasons for our marriage's stability there are reasons for marriage's endings in others.

I pray all of us get through this August heat. May we all rise from its flames better people.

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