Jul 31, 2011

Trying to Get Past Grief

This year has been so difficult. It was to be the year of celebrating new experiences as I turned the page to my sixtieth birthday. I didn't know death waited to begin my calendar.
January thirteenth began as beautifully normal as a Thursday could be. I had an appointment to get my hair cut and was on the way to my stylist when I got a phone call that sent me reeling into the bottom of the pit. My sister, Sharon, called. Her words will be ones I shall never forget. She said, "You must make plans to come home immediately. The paramedics called and father is dead."
The phone to my ear all I could do was scream, "NO!" I had so many questions she couldn't answer. She was in shock herself. That devastating phone call still playing through her mind.. Truth began to sink in. I began to wail, "My Pappy, my Pappy." That beloved endearment all I could speak.
I can not believe my father is gone. He went the way he wished..without pain. He was standing in his bathrroom shaving and then he was gone. I would not wish him to come back to suffer, but I would wish him back so I could hear his voice, to feel his hug, to discuss life with one more time.

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