Jul 31, 2011


I have decided to write a blog about my thoughts and experiences. So much of my life is in poetry, but I don't have a journal. I decided to create an electronic one. I am not sure who will read it, but first and foremost it is for me. I hope to share the journey I find myself in. There will be tears and laughter and perhaps healing. This year has been a difficult one so far. So I begin Susie's Sentences.

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  1. I never realized until February 24th of this year, just how deeply the pain hurts when losing a parent. Having lost my dad just six weeks after you lost yours, still cuts through me like a sharp knife. You lost your dad and before the tears even had a chance to dry, you lost your father-in-law of forty years, my dad. We can barely console each other through all of this. I hope you know, I care deeply for you and wish I had the words to ease the pain. But, I haven't found them yet. Everyday, I search for the answers that I need, to repair my own troubled world. We know we must simply let them go. But there is nothing simple about it.